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Awards and rankings

We excel at project management in business...

Silver Finalist of the Polish Project Excellence Award 2014

The Polish Project Excellence Award is an annual contest organised by the International Project Management Association Polska, which aims to showcase the most spectacular achievements in project management practice.

F5 Konsulting’s project Uniwersytet Piotr i Paweł University – a comprehensive development project aimed at enhancing the competitive edge of the Piotr i Paweł Group through enhancing employee competence in terms of interpersonal and management skills – was recognised as one of the best-managed projects in Poland.

... and in administration

Finalist of the Polish Project Excellence Award 2015

The objective of the annual Polish Project Excellence Award contest, an IPMA Polska initiative, is to reward the best-managed projects and to promote the competence of the project teams involved.

We have been recognised for our pursuit of excellence in managing one of the largest, most significant and comprehensive advisory projects for government administration: Implementation and improvement of modern management methods in ministries, central offices and voivodeship offices, which was carried out within the framework of the systemic project “Processes, objectives, competencies – integrated management in a public office”. Consequently, we have found ourselves again in the group of the best teams in Poland in terms of project management.

We play fair

Business Fair Play in 2006–2015

The idea underlying the Business Fair Play Programme is to encourage Polish businesses to adopt ethical attitudes and behaviours towards all their stakeholders and to respect the natural environment.

F5 Konsulting was recognised for Business Fair Play in 2006–2015 and won the programme’s special prizes: Golden Certificate,  Golden Statuette, Bronze, Silver, Golden and Platinum Laurel, as well as the Platinum Statuette - awarded to businesses which have participated in the Programme for ten consecutive years.

We are perfect project managers

Finalist of the PMI Poland Chapter competition

The PMI Poland Chapter’s Project of the Year is a competition organised by the Project Management Institute Poland Chapter – a non-profit project management association – for the purposes of promoting best practices and achievements in project management in various areas.

The systemic project: Preparation of local government units to apply the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) in the potential and achievement measurement process through employee training and advisory assistance, executed by the Ministry of Administration and Digitalisation in partnership with F5 Konsulting, which was implemented in 303 local government units, reached the final of the Project of the Year 2011 competition.

We are a dynamic firm

Gazela Biznesu

Gazela Biznesu is an award given to the most dynamic firms in Poland.

In 2008, F5 Konsulting was ranked among the top ten businesses from the Wielkopolska region and came 83rd nationwide. 

The place in the ranking was determined by sales and profit growth dynamics over the course of three consecutive years.

We are a growing firm

Gepard Biznesu

The Gepard Biznesu title is awarded to businesses whose market value has increased five-fold or more in the space of two years. 

In 2007, F5 Konsulting was honoured with a Gepard Biznesu.

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