European advisory services and international projects

Even though Poland joined the European Union a little over 10 years ago, European funds have been present here for as many as 20 years. In the pre-accession period, they provided assistance in Poland’s economic transformation, increasing enterprise competitiveness, improving public institutions and human capital development. We have had the honour of participating in these processes from the very start.

Today, optimisation with regard to the choice of the source and method of financing for development activities is an important area which needs to be carefully managed in modern organisations. Under the new EU Financial Framework for 2014–2020, as much as EUR 82.5 billion has been earmarked for Poland – that is 10 billion euro more compared with 2007–2013. These funds will be invested in increasing the competitive potential of the Polish economy, improving social and regional cohesion as well as enhancing the efficiency of administration.

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European advisory services and international projects
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