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“Businesses that grow by development and improvement do not die. But when a business ceases to be creative, when it believes it has reached perfection and needs to do nothing but produce – it is done” – said Henry Ford. Every organisation needs to improve continuously. The success and development of your organisation largely comes down to well qualified people – both managers and others at various levels of the hierarchy. Their knowledge, experience and skills make up the so-called human capital which determines how well your organisation functions. Because of the highly dynamic changes in the environment, the competencies comprising this capital need continuous improvement.


“The wise continue to learn. Fools know everything” (Apolinary Despinoix). Our proprietary F5 ACADEMY Business Training – addressed to managers, specialists in various areas and HR officers in enterprises, central and local administration – is designed to create individual education paths, meeting the needs of the organisation as effectively as possible, and at the same time fulfilling the employees’ expectations in terms of development. Training and workshops can also be modelled in a flexible fashion, based on the outcome of additional surveys of training needs in the given organisation.

The training options on offer include:

  • business training
  • management training and coaching
  • personal development training
  • project and programme management training and workshops
  • F5 Project Management – IPMA-accepted training to prepare for the project management certification exam (using the approach of the International Project Management Association, IPMA)
  • training dedicated to specific topic areas
  • training financed from the Polish National Training Fund.


  • get to know the real needs of your organisation in terms of occupational development, management improvement or other needs of your employees
  • “polish” your human capital with the newest educational content and methods to befit the 21st century
  • increase creative ability and openness to innovative solutions in many key areas of your organisation
  • initiate monitoring of human capital quality and its continuous improvement.
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